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The Product: The Certified V.I.P Card™ is the industry leader in making the concert experience for consumers totally awesome.


You'll always receive advance notice with RSVP options to select events of your choice.  


As a Certified V.I.P Card member you'll pay no additional fees i.e service charges, taxes, box office or ticket handling fees period.


Compare the Certified V.I.P Card™ to Citi® Private Pass and similar Fan Loyalty Programs, you'll instantly find out that we are the best and why we're second to no other.


See what people are saying about other's program such as the Citi® Private Pass and LiveNation™  OneVIP Card Program.


Q. How does it work?

A. As a cardmember, you get advance notice, premium seats and RSVP options.


Q. How many tickets can I reserve per event that I wish to attend?

A. Access for two per event and you are eligible to attend up to four qualified events per active year. 


Q. My card membership will be valid for how long?

A. Standard card membership is valid for one year and is renewable at the end of each term. (Some restrictions may apply)


Q. I live about 60 miles from the next major city in which most concerts are held, will my card be valid there?

A. It doesn't matter where you live, your card is valid and accepted to each qualified event all over the US  including Alaska and Hawaii.


Q. When I hear about an event on the radio how would I know if my card will be accepted? 

A. Well, you have no worry because you will receive notification of any and all eligible events coming to your area long before any radio announcements are made.  You may also call the customer service number on the reverse side of your Certified V.I.P Card™ for more information.


Q. If my card is lost or stolen, could I get a replacement card?

A. Yes, you can order a replacement by contacting customer service immediately. (Note: Your account will be deactivated until you receive your replacement.  You will be required to call customer service to re-activate your account.


Q. If I reserve tickets to an event but can't make it, will it count against my membership allotment?

A. No, simply contact customer service to cancel your RSVP.


Q. How much advance notice will I receive of upcoming events?

A. Typically about 45 days but in some cases up to 60 days before any public advertisements. 


Q. How soon may I RSVP to an event?

A.  It is strongly recommended that you RSVP upon receiving notice. 


Q. How do I RSVP to qualified events? 

A. Simply use your smartphone or call customer service. (See User Guide/Agreement) 


Q. How much is membership?

A. The membership is free during this one year trial period. You would only pay an activation fee. 


Q. If my membership entitles me to access for (2) to attend four events during the qualifying period, may I use my single access at a time so that I may attend eight events?


A. No. Though you are granted access for two per qualified event you only can use your single access however the additional access is complimentary should you desire to bring someone with you.


Q. Wow this is a great offer! How many cards am I  allowed to order?

A. The Certified V.I.P Card™ is issued to members only. (One Card per qualified member) 


Q.  Okay, how long does it take to receive my Certified V.I.P Card™?

A.   Usually, it takes about  3-4 weeks but can take as little as 7-10 business days.


Q. I don't attend concerts very often but I would love to get one for a couple of friends, can I sign them up? 

A. Yes, The Certified V.I.P Card™ membership makes an excellent gift. Be sure to put their name  and address in the appropriate field. Note they would be required to activate the card using their own personal information. If you are the giver you must provide your billing information when they receive the card. You may have to call us, if you and the receiver of this gift membership are not in the same locations at the time of activation.


Q. Can I use my card membership to reserve tickets for my friends to attend the event?

A. No, You should however refer your friends to sign up. You could earn points per each person that you refer that becomes an active account holder in good standing.


Q. When I reserve my tickets how do I get them?

A. Simply click view event RSVP details then download and save your access passes. It's that easy. 


Q. When can I pick up my tickets?

A. No worries, you can download and save your access passes using the app prior to the scheduled event.


Q. How old must I be to sign up for the Certified V.I.P Card™? 

A. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up. You may be 16 years old to obtain membership when received as a gift 


Q. Can I allow someone else to use my card. 

A. No, not even your closest relative. Always protect your account as you would your cash.                                                          


Get the Certified VIP Card Guaranteed Advantage... "Your Ticket Is Built In" 


Q. What shows can I RSVP to attend? 

A. This is a very popular question and in well-deserving of an answer. 

Well you may RSVP to attend any eligible show, sporting event in which your membership allows you access.  Your Certified V.I.P Card™ membership is accepted at (ELIGBLE EVENTS ONLY) per your standard access allotment & user agreement.


  • We're the first to know and then we share it with you.  

  • Thanks to live music fans like you, we're going to continue to bring you the best in live entertainment

  • Your Certified V.I.P Card™ will allow you access to the hottest major events featuring the artist you want to see!

  • Get premium seats and V.I.P status without paying high ticket prices and box office fees.

  •  No show is out of reach when it's in high demand. We deliver because we hear you!

  • Your Smartphone is all you'll need to stay informed, ready and able to RSVP to the event of your choice. 


The Certified V.I.P Card™ grants you and a friend access to see your favorite artist up close and personal.  Imagine the sights, sound, and excitement of live concerts, stage plays. comedy and award shows even some sporting events!!! You will be sitting in the VIP section, where you belong.  Sign up today and say goodbye to Camp Outs, Long Lines, Bad Seats, and High Ticket Prices forever.












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Great news for live music fans, our parent company is launching a new magazine.  It is appropriatlely named Platinum Hits Entertainment Magazine. It's filled with the latest news in what is trending and what to expect next within the music, motion picture and fashion industry from around the globe. It's a monthly publication and it is free to all Certified V.I.P Card members. Look for it to arrive in your mail box very soon.

Membership bonus incentive guarantee.


When your account is kept in good standing you can easily earn points to redeem at participating Car Rental companies, Night Clubs, Hotels and Restaurant chains any where in the US. Plus you could win cash and prizes Meet & Greets, Backstage Passes and so much more.

Membership gives you choices


With over 4000 live events presented nationwide annually you and a friend can now choose to see and enjoy your favorite artist live in concert.


It's live entertainment the way you want it. Your exclusive V.I.P access is granted to some of today's hottest Concerts, Stage Plays, Comedy and Award Shows!     

Certified V.I.P  CARD

There is never any: 


  • Credit Checks

  • Camping Out 

  • Bad Seats

  • Service Fees 

  • APR's  Late or Over the limit fees 

There is always:


  • Great Events

  • Advance Notice

  • Premium Seats

  • Convenience  

  • Affordability


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